ELEVATE weekend with Marysia Do, April 19-21

Join Marysia Do (https://www.marysiado.com/) for a full weekend of learning and growth. The weekend will be broken into five workshops. Students can participate a la carte, or purchase a weekend pass that will reserve a space in all five workshops. A la carte workshop pricing is $35 by 4/1, $40 after. Full weekend pricing is $150 by 4/1, $175 after. CEUs available for yoga instructors. Sign up HERE.

Part 1: High Flying Flow - Friday, April 19, 5:30-7:30pm:

It’s not what you do, it’s the energy that you bring to it that creates the experience! But how do we sustain a positive outlook when we are met with adversity? The answer is by cultivating perspective, patience, perseverance and playfulness. Marysia uses inversions as a tool to enhance those qualities and help you become a powerhouse! Through the flow, you will also be given diagnostic tools to better understand how to make the inversions work for your unique body. Together we will target the necessary elements for a stable handstand: wrist stability, shoulder mobility, hamstring flexibility and core strength. In addition to handstand, the nuances of headstand, forearm balance, and hollow back will be explored. You will leave feeling strong, motivated and with a refreshed sense of mental clarity.

Part 2: Hip Opening and Arm Balancing - Saturday, April 20, 12-2pm:

Increasing hip mobility means learning how to decipher between helpful and harmful pain. In yoga, like in life, some uncomfortable sensations help us move forward while others take us backward. Marysia will teach you how to differentiate between the two for goals that are both on and off the mat. You can do it! The magic is in you! In class, you will learn innovative and highly effective techniques to enhance the mobility in your hips and make arm balances and arm balancing flows more accessible. The postures are taught in a progressive flow and through this carefully crafted progression you will find yourself more capable than ever!

Part 3: Becoming Bendy for Better Back Bends - Saturday, April 20, 3-5pm:

As beautiful as tradition is, in order to be truly present, we must learn to let go. Both familiar and new postures will be explored as we open up and stabilize the spine, allowing you to venture deeper into the practice of back bends. In this class, Marysia will show you how gain mobility — without exploiting shoulder or lumber spine sensitivity. Back bends are super exciting postures! But without open shoulders, relaxed hip flexors, and core stability, the depth of our practice can be limited. Don’t be put off by tightness, together we will learn how to navigate our bodies and you will leave the room taller than when you came.

Part 4: Surya Namaskar H - Sunday, April 21, 12-2pm:

This workshop is about cultivating ever-present readiness so that we are better prepared to take risks. Every pose can be used as a preparatory pose for handstand, it’s simply a matter of understand how. In the workshop, Marysia will teach the nuances of each posture in Surya Namaskar H; a sequence used to prepare students for Handstand. She will also explain the relevance of other postures to inversions. Students who are newer to going upside down will learn how they can expedite their path toward defying gravity using less advanced postures. Seasoned practitioners will cultivate more stability and explore challenging transitions into and out of handstand. When we practice moving with purpose we are better prepared to leap out our of comfort zone and into a handstand or any other life experience.

Part 5: MishMash - Sunday, April 21, 3-5pm:

Yoga Party!! This celebratory flow is the culmination of the weekend’s practice. Class will focus on dynamic transitions that link the studied postures playfully and safely. You will float, fly, fall and have a ball!!


Yin and Myofascial Release with Tami Apland, May 10, 5:30-7:30pm

Full body reset! After a brief introduction to fascial anatomy, we’ll use pranayama and meditation exercises to coax the nervous system into a relaxed state before using props, tennis balls and self-massage techniques to aid in the release of stuck tissue.

In this extended two hour practice you’ll learn why working with the fascia is important, as well as simple practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to help keep it healthy, hydrated and functioning at its fullest. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Investment: $30. Sign up HERE.

Tami Apland is a writer, yoga teacher and LMT based in Portland, OR. She is known for her warm gentle spirit, her attention to detail and her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. Teaching since 2008, Tami is a Richmond native with a deep passion for educating people about their bodies and helping them feel their best. See where she’s teaching next and read her anatomical musings at tamiapland.com.


Movement Camp with Marge allen, June 15, 12-2pm

It’s yoga, it’s dance, it’s circus … it’s Movement Camp! Living fully dedicated to movement expression and exploration, Marge is excited to share the amalgamation of her life’s work. Join us for two hours of a well-rounded physical experience that is bound to speak to you in one way or another.

Expect to encounter strength/mobility work, acrobatic conditioning, hand balancing hacks, inversion exercises, and some of her favorite drills that traverse the room. Topping it all off with some deep stretching and a well-earned savasana, come step out of your box - and into all of the others.

Investment: $30 earlybird rate by 6/1, $35 after. Sign up HERE.




The 5-Day Practice Immersion is designed for any person at any level in their practice who is interested in learning more about Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Through daily practice and group discussions, your existing concepts of what yoga is and what it is for will be challenged and expanded. Live a life in the week of a Rocket Yogi. See how a simple, gentle, systematic and powerful approach to yoga can transform how you relate to yourself and the world around you.

Schedule will be:
Wednesday (evening practice only): 5:45-7p
Thursday: 9a-7p
Friday: 9a-7:30p
Saturday: 9:30a-5:30p
Sunday: 11:30a-7p


Nobody should, but anybody can. Of course, it is helpful to already have a consistent yoga practice, but it is not essential. The immersion might light a fire for you! Students and teachers are welcome, but this program does not confer any authority to teach yoga generally or Rocket Yoga specifically. The authority to teach yoga comes from your own experience, dedication and enthusiasm to share what you practice.


We take a common-sense approach to the practice and the philosophy. Yoga need not be complicated. In fact, it's very natural- it's moving and breathing with awareness. Forget about what you can do, have or become through yoga. Yoga is most useful in demonstrating that you have what you seek. Having an enjoyable and familiar yoga routine that you can do anywhere and at anytime will inspire you to develop the consistency and dedication which bring forth the gifts of the practice.


Steve Pyka, a direct student of Larry Schultz, the creator of Rocket Yoga, opened AstaYoga with Rene Henley in 2009 as a place where people could find a genuine sense of strength, peace and community. Together, they have over 20 years of experience teaching and have trained hundreds of people (including Adrian, Lauren, Erin, Shannon, Lany and April!) who are practicing and sharing the Rocket all over the world.


The training costs $995. Early bird is $875. You can reserve a space in the training for $300 by emailing hello@theyogadojorva.com, with the balance due before the early bird deadline of June 1st.  When paying in cash, check or Venmo, early bird pricing is extended to July 8.  Returning students who have completed a 50-hour Rocket training with Asta / The Yoga Dojo can take $420 off the training price and enroll at a discounted rate of $575- the Larry Schultz Special - and can sign up by emailing hello@theyogadojorva.com.


MetaAnatomy with Kristin Leal, September 6-8

Details and registration coming soon!


Weekend Intensive with Rose Erin Vaughan, October 19-20

Details and registration coming soon!