Thinking about rolling your mat out at the Dojo?  Here are some helpful tips from our team to help ensure a smooth and pleasurable practice.

  • What do I need to bring?  First and foremost, an open mind.  Leave those words "I can't" at the door....  Trust us, YOU CAN.  We wouldn't ask you to try if we honestly didn't believe in you.  We will challenge your mind and body to do new (and sometimes difficult) things. Being open to new ideas and change will help set you up for growth and success, both on and off the mat.
  • But seriously, what do I need to bring?  If you have a mat, bring it.  If you don't, we have lululemon athletica mats available to rent for $2 (cash only, please!). If you rent a mat and decide that you're in love (we certainly are, which is why The Mat is our mat of choice at the studio), you can take a brand new one home with you, as we have them for sale.  If you are more comfortable with a mat towel, feel free to use one. We have small hand towels available for use at no charge.  Since hydration is super important, we do have a water cooler, but do ask that you BYOBottle - we do not supply disposable cups as an effort to remain environmentally conscious.
  • What should I wear?  What would you be most comfortable wearing while moving, bending, and stretching?  Wear that. Also, very important...  please shower prior to coming to class, and do wear clean clothes.  We are all breathing through our noses as we practice.  No one wants a stinky mat neighbor disrupting their practice, and no one wants to be the stinky kid in class (although, inevitably, we are all that kid at some point or another).
  • What time should I arrive at the studio?  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled class start time in order to fill out intake forms, get acquainted with the space, and pick out your practice spot.  The front door will be locked at the start of class.  We do not allow late entry, as it is distracting to the instructor and other practitioners.
  • This is my first time practicing yoga (Rocket or other).  What class should I take, and what can I expect?  We recommend starting out with one of our Bottle Rocket or Vinyasa Flow classes, which are designed to be beginner friendly (and marked as such on the schedule).  They move through the fundamentals, and teach the foundation of the Rocket sequence without frills or amplifications.
  • I have practiced yoga before.  What class should I take?  ALL OF THEM!  Seriously, though - we usually recommend checking out one of our vinyasa classes available at sunrise, lunch, or most evenings, as we tend to stop and break down the trickier poses in those classes.  The Intro to Rocket, Bottle Rocket and Rocket 1 classes are also great to get jump start on the Rocket. If you are looking for a challenge, check out one of our Rocket 2, 3, Hand Balance or Backbending classes. We also hold a weekly Open Studio class on Friday evenings where students come together to share tips, tricks, and practice in a community setting (expect to have a few new BFF's after this class).
  • Are you a hot studio?  No, we do not heat our classes, as we feel that the practice and breath should be generating all of the heat you need.  In the winter, you can expect our thermostat to be set around 75-80 degrees.  In the summer, you can expect temperatures to be a bit higher (usually between 80 and 85 degrees), as we will keep cooling to a minimum, and airflow to a maximum via our our roll-up garage door.  
  • Do you have showers?  Not at this time.  But we do have changing rooms, a secure storage area for all of your personal items during class, and a bathroom with a golden toilet.  OK, just kidding - there's no golden toilet.
  • Do you offer a student discount?  Yes, we do a student discount on drop in rates, and on the one-month unlimited rate.  Please have a valid student ID on hand.